BOVAEA announces the launch of our community website that helps consumers better understand how to protect themselves when engaging in property transactions.

Protect Yourself

Always verify the identity of who you are working with. The links below will bring you to the relevant sections where you can check BOVAEA’s databases to verify the identity and status of who you are working with.

REN Check

REN refers to Real Estate Negotiator

REA Check

REA refers to Real Estate Agent

PEA Check

PEA refers to Probationary Estate Agent

FIRM Check

Firm refers to Real Estate Company

Know Your Rights



Learn more about what we do and how we help you by regulating the Malaysian real estate industry


Resource Centre

Resources and educational content to help consumers safely engage in real estate transactions



What should you expect when engaging the services of an agent or negotiator? Know your rights.


Identifying Registered REA / REN

Learn how to differentiate genuine REA / REN from unregistered ones here



Read about the latest news and events affecting the real estate industry


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Dangers of Working with Unregistered Agents

Latest Events

Watch Out for Bogus Negotiators

Public warned against conmen posing as real estate negotiators.

The Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents Malaysia (BOVAEA) has warned the public to beware of con artists posing as real estate negotiators.


Real Estate Agents Lose 40% Sales to the Bogus Every Year

The Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents (MIEA) estimates that bogus agents have caused registered real estate agents to lose as much as 40% in sales last year, or about RM40 billion of the RM100 billion worth of property transactions that were carried out by “real estate agents” that year.


Send Us Feedback

We created this website to help foster better working relationships between consumers and real estate agents and negotiators as well as to provide a platform for consumers and industry professionals to send in their feedbacks, suggestions or complains to us so that necessary actions can be taken swiftly.

Every day, consumers are being taken advantage of by illegal brokers simply because they do not know better. We would like to put a stop to that, but we need your help.

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